vendredi 19 octobre 2007


Recently found an old favourite of mine and decided to buy a new edition and give this as a prize:

Tales from Ovid: Twenty-four Passages from the "Metamorphoses"
Tales from Ovid: Twenty-four Passages from the Ted Hughes Ovid

Faber and Faber 1997-05-05
Sales Rank : 74448

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starGreat poetry - but it's not Ovid
stara great and important book

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Land, sea, air were all there
But not to be trodden, or swum in.
Air was simple darkness.
Everything fluid or vapour, form formless.
Each thing hostile
To every other thing: at every point
Hot fought cold, moist dry, soft hard, and the
Resisted weight.

Crudely putting it--Greek legend sexed up. Intellectually babbling it, a myriad of interesting stories centred on gods, humans, transformations, treachery, rape, violence, pain, love, truth. What we see in everyday life is mirrored in Ovid's Metamorphoses and here, 24 selected writings were translated and brought back to life by Ted Hughes (who won an awards for it).

And all before Darwin came along with his nice big apple setting things into place.

Can't wait to see Jeff's upcoming review on it (BIG HINT).

Welcoming the Yr 4s Christmas hols 07

It's the end of the year and counting on, only one more Yr 5 has not written in this blog (-_-) heh heh...

Taking the opportunity to welcome in the Yr 4s 07 to write in their reviews of CDs, films, books and opening for responses. It can range from popular to classical, controversial to dust-worthy though note the usual entries that should not cover offensive comments on race, religion and othe sensitive issues.

Welcome to Eye Hear You on what you have seen, heard, read and related to you.